Include post-installation configuration

EndeavourOS shows some steps to tune up the system after a fresh install. E.g:

  1. Set up auto-cleaners for pacman and pamac caches.
  2. Set up mirrors
  3. Set up input methods (1st step for non-English speakers)
  4. Set up firewall
  5. Set up mouse/touchpad sensitivity, natural/logical scrolling, and various options (another 1st step for people switching to Manjaro)
  6. File indexing: for quicker searches.
  7. Set up snapshots/timeshift (Linux Mint has this in welcome screen)
  8. Set up Light/Dark theme (Linux Mint has this in welcome screen)
  9. Other theming options. E.g: What if users want text selection highlight to be blue (like Windows) instead of green (theme of Manjaro)

Every user is different - every usecase is different.

I have always pondered why such lists even exist?

Why does new users start with customizing the system to an end where it breaks at updates?

I would be better to learn how to use a LInux system when migrating from Windows.


There are two ends of the measurement to this “OS/Distro does this vs Other one” dillema.

  1. No choice of customization at initial setup, leading to fast and homogeneous initial systems.
  2. Total Customization of EVERY piece of the OS taking hours, leading to non standard installs of the same OS.

Each OS/Distro chooses their own mixture and balance…
What one user likes to have, the others won’t have to like nor want.

  1. It is already set up, once a month
  2. That sounds like a good idea to prompt in the manjaro hello.
  3. That is in the settings. If a user cannot open the settings panel himself, i don’t know…
  4. Another good idea, but for anything but a laptop not strictly nessesary (because the desktops are behind a corporate firewall or a home router
  5. Again, control panel. I am personally irritated by the default press to click on the touchpad, i guess the Apple crowd is the majority among the developers…still, i’d like to see it changed. Most of the users come from ubuntu or win, and there is tap to click by default
  6. Once a week is already automatically done (and in xfce, near the magnifying glass button in the file manager is the option to refresh the database)
  7. Good idea
    8,9 - it is also a matter of using the settings.
  1. systemctl status pamac-cleancache.timer

  2. systemctl status pamac-mirrorlist.timer

  3. Manjaro Settings Manager GUI
    manjaro-settings-manager -m msm_language_packages
    manjaro-settings-manager -m msm_locale

I don’t use anything related to items 4, 6 and 7

  1. Mouse has always worked as plug-and-play device for me so I don’t need to change anything
    xfce:xfce4-settings:mouse [Xfce Docs]

  8 & 9. same as all other Xfce versions of Linux