Include more `os-release` information

I had noticed that the os-release file (/usr/lib/os-release / /etc/os-release) does not include information that is present in the lsb-release (/etc/lsb-release) file, which includes:

  • VERSION_CODENAME (present in lsb as DISTRIB_CODENAME=Sikaris)
  • VERSION_ID (& VERSION) (present in lsb as DISTRIB_RELEASE=22.0.1)

it would be great seeing those options also included in the os-release instead of just the lsb-release

Couldn’t you create a small script to something like:

$ cat /etc/os-release /etc/lsb-release

A tad repetitive, but anyway.

A wildcard allows concatenation of both files

cat /etc/*-release