In start of system is firewall always down in Manjaro Kde plasma

Hi , today i moved from manjaro XFCE to Kde plasma and when I installed firewall , in new start and restarting of Manjaro is firewall always down . What to do ? Thanks

Which firewall?

You need to enable the firewall service, something like this:

systemctl enable --now firewalld

Firewall from repositare . Before I searced in system for gufw , ufw , firewall , nothing found . So I installed firewall from add/remove software . Thanks and sorry my English .

systemctl enable --now firewalld  :heavy_check_mark:
Failed to enable unit: Unit file firewalld.service does not exist.

You didn’t install firewalld then, what is the output of which ufw?

EDIT: Even better, what is the output of pamac search -i firewall?

Have you looked here.

Thank you firewall now works from start of system .

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