In recent several testing kernels release candidates realtek module not provided

Why along with recent several testing linux RC kernels available in stable manjaro KDE release is not provided certain Realtek module package? As available arch package is only this module realtek 8723bu present and missing this realtek r8168 arch package module, only present when linux kernel from release candidate status goes into stable official status. Previously this module was provided all the time.

I think Manjaro build its own kernels and modules, this is not imported from Arch.

This is probably an oversight.

This module is unique to Manjaro.

It was added a few years back to support to a specific lowcost Winbook which at that time could be bought from my webshop.

Only a few of these laptops was ever delivered with Manjaro - but as it was included in the build process it remained. The current team may have decided to remove it.

You need to read the thread again, he’s saying the only Realtek module currently is 8723bu, and it is missing the r8168 module which is shipped with all kernels (in theory, but missing on the 5.19 RC kernel).

Question is “why is the r8168 module missing for 5.19 kernel”.


Ahh :airplane: that went over my head :grin: language and too little sleep

the thing is that it happens in few recent RC prebuilds even in those almost same as set for stable release status, I used to use these testing kernels usually with rare minor issues or without any issues but then this internet module stopped being delivered along with these testing linux kernel packages
btw. if this 8723bu module is rare used by people equipment but present here as driver it’s cool nice as for HW support list set by maintainers

Did you click the link above?

The module doesn’t compile anymore on kernel 5.19

Fixed now with new patch.