In AUR, what is the difference between package, package-bin and package-git

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What is the difference between a package and a -bin or a -git package?

for example:
In AUR you can download librewolf, but you can also download librewolf-bin

to me they seem to be exactly the same.
Which one should you choose?
librewolf-bin has more votes

another example is stacer.
you can download stacer, stacer-bin and stacer-git

another example is popcorntime.
you can download popcorntime, popcorntime-bin and popcorntime-git

What is the difference and which one should you install?
Personally I look at votes and latest version. but I don’t understand why there is a -git and/or a -bin version of some packages

Sometimes I notice that a package fails to install in pamac. then I try a different package for instance package-bin and then it does work for some reason.
Sometimes I also try yay -S package and then for some reason it also installs, whereas in pamac it fails to install. Why is that?

Can you try searching first for the answer?

I tried duckduckgo, it gave me some answer about BLOBS and a wikipedia article

Maybe try for more than 5 seconds.

take one of your examples and
try installing librewolf instead of librewolf-bin, then you’ll know one of the differences

In Arch Linux and Arch User Repository (AUR), package names typically include certain suffixes or prefixes that indicate the type of package and its source. The most common ones you mentioned are “bin” and “git.” Here’s what they mean:

-bin Packages: These are precompiled binary packages. They are built from the source code of a software application, but the build process is done in advance by the package maintainer. Users can simply install these packages without needing to compile anything. They are typically faster to install and use because you don’t need to compile the source code, but they might not be as up-to-date as the source packages. These are recommended for most users who want the stable and precompiled version of the software.

-git Packages: These are packages built directly from the latest source code in the project’s Git repository. These packages provide the bleeding-edge, development versions of software. They can be very up-to-date and might have the latest features and bug fixes, but they can also be less stable and might not be suitable for production use. These are recommended for users who want to try out the latest features and are comfortable with potential instability.

When deciding between these package types, you should consider the following:

Stability vs. Freshness: If you want a stable version of the software and don’t mind if it’s not the absolute latest, go for the non-“-bin” version. If you want the latest features and are willing to tolerate potential instability, go for the “-git” version.

Build Time: Compiling software from source, as required for non-“-bin” packages, takes longer but allows for customization. Binaries, on the other hand, install faster.

Popularity: As you mentioned, sometimes you’ll find that “-bin” packages have more votes. This could indicate that they are more widely used and considered stable. However, it’s not a strict rule, and you should also consider the specific needs of your use case.

Keep in mind that package quality may vary based on the AUR maintainer’s diligence, so reading the comments and reviews on the AUR package page can provide insights into the reliability of a specific package.

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In AUR, what is the difference between package, package-bin and package-git?; explain, as if I’m 5.


  1. Package: Imagine you want to make a cake from a recipe. “Package” is like getting all the ingredients and instructions to make the cake from scratch. You do all the steps, like mixing and baking, yourself. It’s fun, but it takes time.

  2. Package-bin: Now, think of “package-bin” as buying a cake from the store. You don’t have to make it; you just get a ready-made cake. It’s quick and easy but not as customizable.

  3. Package-git: “Package-git” is like getting a cake that’s still being tested and improved. It’s the newest, but it might not always taste good, like when a chef is trying out new flavors. It’s exciting but could be a little risky.

So, “package” is making the cake from scratch, “package-bin” is buying a cake, and “package-git” is getting a cake fresh from the chef’s experiments.

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