Improving boot performance

When I first installed this awesome distro, I noticed that my pc was taking almost 1min20s to boot and decided to update the OS and get a more recent kernel and here are the specs:

Startup finished in 3.739s (kernel) + 34.627s (userspace) = 38.366s reached after 32.234s in userspace

My system’s ones:

System:    Host: blyatmobilebr-pc Kernel: 5.7.9-1-MANJARO x86_64 bits: 64 Desktop: Xfce 4.14.2 
           Distro: Manjaro Linux 

I tried to visit some forum’s topics that were being shown on DuckDuckGo but I’m almost certain all that content was lost. So I’m gonna ask: How can I improve boot’s performance to the maximum? (without having to buy a ssd or anything else)
Thanks in advance!

You can disable some services – which you should decide which you don’t need. There useful will be systemd-analyze blame (and other, see man systemd-analyze) – for analyze and identify time eaters, Arch Wiki and some discussions on old forum.

Remember, this is risky operation so you must be extremely careful.


Are you having full disk encryption enabled? If so, you can save about a minute of boot time by having unencrypted /boot partition.

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It’s not lost. You just have to add archive in the url shown in DuckDuckGo

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I’m trying to check the command on the internet but I didn’t find it. What’s the command to check if I have it enabled, please?

systemctl status

man systemctl <-- very good and detailed manual

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check also with

sudo systemd-analyze blame
sudo systemd-analyze critical-chain

Full disk encryption is not a systemd service. It just means in this context that your /boot folder is in an encrypted partition. If you don’t have a separate /boot partition and your / partition is encrypted, then your /boot folder is also inside the / partition and encrypted.

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Thank you, I’ll check that out. In the meantime I set GRUB_TIMEOUT to 0 and it helped a bit :slight_smile:

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