Improvements for mhwd & nvidia

Could mhwd set options nvidia_drm modeset=1 in mhwd-gpu.conf for the newest releases? (so no for 470xx etc). Activated modeset is a requirement for Plasma Wayland session (see Plasma/Wayland/Nvidia - KDE Community Wiki).

fbdev=1 could be eventually enabled by default on single-gpu nvidia systems only.

Also could mhwd enable nvidia-{suspend,hibernate,resume} services by default?
These are all required for proper gpu functionality.
(EDIT: These are not actually required, but an alternative to kernel callbacks and have some additional features)

Please also consider enabling nvidia-persistenced (improves gpu startup) and nvidia-powerd (can increase TDP if power is available, especially useful for gaming laptops, matches default windows behaviour)

If you decide that it cannot/won’t be done, can it at least be described properly in manjaro wiki?

no it cannot. this might be the setting that your specific card needs but there are a lot of others that need different settings. it’s your responsibility to set up your card for your demands.

I did set up my card, no issues here.

I read some more NVIDIA documentation, and it states that nvidia-{suspend,hibernate,resume} are an alternative to kernel callback which are enabled by default, so you’re right here.

Well, then I’m asking nicely for the manjaro wiki to be updated

Actually, we just tried to set both modeset=1 and fdev=1 by default–it doesn’t work for hybrid setups, so it was reverted. Please read Announcements posts. :wink:

That’s still technically experimental, only works with driver versions 545 and above and is not compatible with simpledrm. See above.

Won’t implement.

nvidia-persistenced is … generally designed as a tool for compute-only platforms where the NVIDIA device is not used to display a graphical user interface.

– Chapter 30. Using the nvidia-persistenced Utility

Won’t implement.

Not many hardware combinations are supported let alone OEMs who actually bothered adding support. If the driver does not detect hardware support, it will silently fail with no adverse effects that I’ve seen. However, I’ve seen reports of it not quite working as expected even with compatible hardware.

We will however look into improving and refining MHWD if possible.

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