Impro-Visor App

Is there any chance the App Impro-Visor will be added to the Official Repositories.

It’s not for everyone, but I find it quite useful, and I would prefer to install from Official.

This is rarely a good enough case for some software to be in the repositories.

Add to that this software is niche as well as hasnt seen an update in about 4 years …

And its rather unlikely, I would say.

A girl can try.

Yes it is quite stable.

If you misunderstood what @cscs say: no, it ain’t gonna happen. Adding software to official repo means adding another burden for somebody to maintain it. With the software not receiving updates in 4 years, it’s unlikely to be added to official repository, because nobody wants to ensure an old software to keep working, not in a rolling release environment like Manjaro. AUR is a better choice for such a software.

No I did not misunderstand.

Perhaps you did though. It doesn’t get many updates because it doesn’t require them… that’s the definition of stable.

… and A girl can still try.

But how can you guarantee it will still compile? Let alone work.

Find the girl then, and ask her for commitment to maintain the package. Can’t find? AUR is where it belongs.

For beep beep beep sake. I now consider myself fully Educated on why my request will NEVER be fulfilled. and I accept that.

But: To answer your question. It will never compile…

It’s written in Java.

The girl who asked, and to whom I refer…

That’s me, so no trouble finding her, all I do is look in the mirror.

I guess you are confused.

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Problems can also arise in Java with different versions. But I have to admit that this is very rare.

The program was written for Java 8, which is common. It’s a GUI program that doesn’t “depend on a lot of stuff”. So if it serves its purpose, it needs no maintenance. (don’t fix it if it ain’t broke)

I am not aware of any incompatibilities that you have to fear. It will certainly run with Java 21 as well.

andreas :footprints:

Yeah, it runs fine on OpenJDK 19, which I think is the latest openjdk update.

archlinux-java status

Available Java environments:
  java-19-openjdk (default)

(my own list) :footprints:

It’s niche, old and already in the AUR. Sorry, no.

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