Impossible to use my 2 screens at same time

Hello, today I updated my graphic card driver and after that, my external screen couldn’t be seen by my computer. So I installed optimus-switch(GitHub - dglt1/optimus-switch-sddm: easy installer for optimus-switch for SDDM, sets up nvidia PRIME and also allows for easy switching between intel/nvidia (prime mode) and intel only mode where nvidia gpu is powered down and no longer visible. modes are switched with "sudo" or "sudo" .) and now I can see it but when I see it I can’t see my principal screen. Does someone have an idea of what’s going on?[

Hi and welcome to the forum :+1:

From the on that repo:

Usage after running install script:

  • sudo will set intel only mode, reboot and nvidia powered off and removed from view.
  • sudo sets intel/nvidia (prime) mode.

This should be pretty straight forward, if however, you cant figure it out, I am @dglt on the manjaro forum. I hope this is as useful for you as it is for me.

Added side-note, for persistent changes to configurations, modify the configurations used for switching located in /etc/switch/nvidia/ and /etc/switch/intel/ .

Also this issue might be related, with a response from the maintainer: