Impossible to setup full resolution on external monitor

I am running Manjaro (Mate) on my laptop with an Nvidia graphic card,
and I cannot get use the full resolution (3440x1440) of my external 34" Dell monitor, it won’t show the desktop correctly. If I set the resolution to 2560x1440 it works fine.
[Uploading: IMG_20201212_153144.jpg…](This is what I get with the max resolution. I had to take a picture because taking a screenshot showed a normal image of the desktop!)
Before switching to Manjaro a couple of months ago, I was a longtime Ubuntu-Mate user and the external monitor setup worked just perfectly well.
Any help appreciated!


Ubuntu is not Manjaro - so it maybe due to something ubuntu-specific tweaking.

I don’t know anything on screen sizes bigger the normal FHD but if your graphics support it then Manjaro support it - suffice you installed the necesary driver.

If you are not able to apply a supported resolution you should look at the driver setup.

Run the nvidia configuration utility and setup your monitor(s) - save the settings locally and apply then globally - then reboot to activate them.

@kbsali were you able to find a solution for this? I have a laptop connected to an external monitor. The external monitor has a native resolution of 2k however it only works if I set the resolution of the external monitor to match my laptops resolution (FHD). If I set it to 2k, the external monitor just blanks.