Impossible to modify Applications Overview (Main Menu has no effect)

I can access all my apps via ArcMenu, I can pin them to ArcMenu or add them as Favourite to Panel.

But the Applications Overview by default only shows a selection of apps. For example, Firefox is not shown. Also, I installed Nemo and made it my default file manager, but it’s not shown.

Lot’s of apps I do not use that often are shown.

It seems there is nothing i can do, except reorder the existing overview via drag and drop.

How come? Is this by design? Am I not allowed to pick my own apps for this overview?

Type to search a key Main menu, there you will add/remove app.

You can restore system configuration in main menu to reset all apps.

WOW, never would have found that one.
Do you also know if there is a default keyboard shortcut for to launch terminal? I know I can configure it via Settings > Keyboard myself, but I expected every Linux distribution to have it by default…

I love Manjaro and like Gnome, but there are a bit too many apps to configure stuff:

  • Settings
  • Layouts
  • Extensions
  • Tweaks (just to change the applications theme)
  • Main menu!

But I am happy it is possible via GUI and I can configure most things via a post install script using gsettings.

Ctrl + Alt + T
It is default for gnome.

Nope. It shows a little popup Find files on desktop.

I switched from Budgie and indeed always used Ctrl + Alt + T

Clean install of Manjaro Gnome earlier this week, fully up to date, Intel based HP Spectre laptop. Also tried on a Lenovo laptop.

That is right, I forgot that Gnome does not have a default shortcut to open terminal. So you can customize it.

But I am using the shortcut F12 to open the drop down terminal ddterm that is pretty quick open.

Sorry but Main Menu has absolutely zero effect on the screenshot I posted: Applications Overview.

Without even changing anything: it is already clear Main menu does not reflect the state of Applications Overview. For example, in my screenshot you see 3 folders. In Main Menu there are lots of folders selected, such as Graphics. But this folder does not appear in Applications Overview, strangely, the items within that folder are shown. But for example Internet is selected in Main menu but it doesn’t show up and even the items within that folder are not shown (such as Firefox).

Also, selecting or deselecting items has zero effect on Applications Overview. Not even after logout/login.

This is after a clean install of Manjaro Gnome.

Now my custom .desktop shortcuts in $HOME/.local/share/applications are all gone because hit the Restore System Configuration button in Main menu.

It seems Main menu is a very dangerous tool. All it really does is add or remove items from that folder. It has zero usecase.

Main question is still open:

How to add/remove items to Gnome Applications Overview?

I have no issue with Main Menu.

But my custom .desktop are not gone in this directory after changing them in Main menu. I do not know what do you mean.

Main Menu reads all files .desktop from /usr/share/applications and ~/.local/share/applications and shows all apps in its list. When you create new App in Main Menu but it stores new .desktop in its own directory. I do not know where is this directory.

Do not click Restore System configuration in Main Menu to reset all files .desktop.

My point is: Main menu is not related to Application Overview in any way. Nothing I do in Main menu affects Application Overview.

When you click the “Restore System Configuration” button in Main Menu, it wipes the content of $HOME/.local/share/applications.

I still do not understand how the devs of Gnome intended to use Applications Overview. Who gets to decide which apps are shown?

I tested myself that Main Menu affects Application Overview.
Try to create new item in Main Menu. then you will see it in Application Overview.

Main Menu does not affect the folders in Application Overview, but only drag&drop can sort apps in any folders in Application Overview.

By default, favorite apps pinned in the dock are hidden from the App Grid. There’s an open issue about it:

If I understand correctly, App Grid simply shows all apps (not a subset), except for apps placed on dock? That would make sense.

If you try to unpin Firefox App in the dock, it will appear in Application Overview.