Importing gpg keys

There is a problem importing gpg keys after a fresh install of manjaro.

GPG: keyserver receive failed: no name:

The solution

echo "keyserver hkp://" > /home/$USER/.gnupg/gpg.conf

is in that topic, but I remember that in the past this did work out of the box.
And because the AUR is one of the strengths of manjaro, I believe it should work without using the terminal.
Also, Pamac has the feature to give a nice dialog for adding/trusting a gpg key.
So, imo this configuration should be done at install so users just have to click a button to trust a specific key, like what is needed for installing spotify (just one of many examples)

Keep up the good work!

pamac import key but pamac will get key on the web :wink:
here we have only a problem with one server and you change server url. it’s temporary, tomorrow another web server won’t respond

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