Import ZFS pool from Manjaro LiveCD

I have a zfs pool where I store timeshift (rsync) backups. Let’s say I accidentally remove some files on the root partition and make the system unbootable. My plan was to boot into the Manjaro LiveCD, import the pool (with zpool import) and then restore the files using timeshift.

Problem is that there is no zpool or zfs command on the LiveCD. How can I import the pool with the backup?


You would need a customized ISO, which includes the optional ZFS DKMS and the tools.

BTRFS would be less complicated, but you’ll have your reasons for using ZFS. You may be able to add your ZFS storage to an NAS.

I was reading [HowTo] Install full Manjaro on ZFS filesystem and it seems like ZFS support was already present on the Live media. Was it dropped later?

The easiest solution would be if the LiveCD boot loader would offer to boot a ZFS enabled kernel (linux61-zfs).

So what’s the easiest way to create a bootable LiveCD with UI that can run timeshift with ZFS support?

No idea why it was ever included., but ZFS is purely optional. Anyway, ZFS is on the desktop very niche, therefore I guess they removed it again, since you can install it as needed and in 99,9% of all cases it is not a dependency, since the root partition is not ZFS in general.