Import of thunderbird from different distro

I just copied the .thunderbird folder (/user/.thunderbird) from a different distro, and voila, t-bird had all my profiles/accounts/messages/appointments! Since installing Manjaro, I keep getting the “set up your profile” again.
Just worked with Firefox 94.x (copied over the whole .mozilla folder).
What am I missing? Thanks so much in advance!

Start Firefox with firefox -P can you can select which profile to use.

Well, same thing applies to Thunderbird 🤷

Thank you! that worked, although … the wiki article should be updated to reference <old_random_#>default-release folder, where the actual “payload” lives. In the past (on Ubuntu derivatives) I have simply copied over the .thunderbird folder to the new machine; in Manjaro, this technique seemed not to work, however. Wondering if there is another file placed by Manjaro, outside the .thunderbird folder, being read at startup?

Probably in ~/.cache/thunderbird.

Right as rain! Seems like, once you add a single email profile, thunderbird looks at startup for hints in ~/.cache/thunderbird. All the random #s there don’t match up with the imported profile files. Safe to delete these, you think? Or just leave alone as I got all my email profiles following the steps you sent. Thanks once more!


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