Import music from iPod classic

Hi, I’m trying to import music off an iPod Classic but are unsure where to go. I have heard plugging it in a PC can corrupt or delete the music on a iPod. I know this is a unusual situation but I don’t want to have to go through the pain of installing windows and setting up Itunes. Thanks, ThommoMC

First time i’m hearing something like that, so it’s likely a lie.

gtkpod can access and import data from iPod devices
Media players Amarok, Clementine and Rhythmbox have a few less features to allow extracting some data
Comparison of iPod file managers - Wikipedia

I also suggest you check out Rockbox Utility rbutil to install Rockbox open source firmware as a dual boot alongside the original Apple firmware

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I think I might of been getting confused with mac formatted ones. As it show an a notification when plugging in on windows saying the device is corrupted since it can’t read it.

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