Implementing Disk Encryption Options into Installer and Manjaro in general

Hi there!
I’ll try to keep it short. I’m using manjaro frequently on all my devices as the main system.
I recently had to reinstall Manjaro on a new device and was kind off disappointed to see no option to enable any type of disk encryption, be it FDE or just the / partition. Also I was pretty surprised after searching around the forum and my favorite search engine, that there is not much talk at all about this topic in general, only some tutorials for workarounds that require at least some profound knowledge of partitioning drives and LUKS etc.
In my opinion encryption, and an easy way to enable it, is a necessary feature nowadays given the debian side of “just works” distros( as - in my guess - manjaro would identify itself as well) pretty much all offer it as a clickable option in the installer menu - some even with a password.

Maybe I just did a terrible job at researching, so feel free to correct me and point me to topics and discussions (or optimally even a roadmap) where this feature is listed.

Thx Guys!

Hello @Alexilator,

in all Manjaro installation I made the last years there where already a simple checkbox to encrypt your drives with luks.
Three years ago I reinstalled my system encrypted in this way.

Maybe you are right on this … :wink:

I suggest to try an install in a vm to test it again. :grinning:

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To add to that and give some direction:
it is in the “partitioning” step
in the lower half of the window
just above where the graphical layout of the partitions before and after is shown
there is a little checkbox

Only full disk encryption is supported by the Calamares installer.
not, for instance, unencrypted /boot and the rest encrypted …
you would indeed need to do the installation “by hand” at least partially
to achieve something other than full disk encryption

Thanks for the quick answers guys!
I’m actually shocked of myself for not seeing the option :man_facepalming:
However I’m glad to see it implemented!!
By any chance there is no way to enable it after the installation, is there?
thx in advance

nope :wink:

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