iMac20,2 - Kernel panic when attempting to boot from USB installer

I created a USB installer for Manjaro KDE with balenaEtcher. When I attempt to boot from the USB drive, I receive the kernel panic seen here I have secure boot and system integrity protection disabled.

Is this a known issue? I did not have any luck finding any threads here. Thanks.

Hi @Beige1997, and welcome!

  1. Are you sure secure boot is disabled? I ask, because I found this

secure boot?: YES

In the kernel panic log that you linked too.

  1. What’s the age of the machine? I know apple recently switched from Intel to ARM CPUs. So I don’t know if that has an influence as well.

Also, have at the Arch wiki page3 on Mac

P.S.: I also know that Apple products are known to have issues with using Linux in general, so it might even just be related to that somehow.

Hi Mirdarthos,

My mistake, I did not mean secure boot in UEFI settings. I meant Startup Security, which blocks booting from USB devices on newer Macs that have a T2 security chip.

It is an iMac20,2 which is Intel based. Mine has a Core i7-10700K. I have installed Linux on Macs before, so I know what you mean. However, I cannot even reach the installer. I reach the GRUB and when I proceed, the screen turns black and the machine reboots into macOS.

I appreciate your response.

Thank you,