I'm sent to the emergency mode when booting the system. How can i fix it? (Screen output URL enclosed)


I run Big Linux, a Manjaro based distro. I tried to get help from their forum but the majority of the content is Portuguese.

Can anybody give some guidance to solve this? See URL below for screen output text when I was sent to the emergency mode when booting the system unsuccessfully.

Much appreciated.

You can paste preformatted text here. Pastebin is completely unnecessary.

In Firefox you can use this:

Portuguese is NOT the language in the screen output URL enclosed. I only meant the downstream distro’s own forum is not useful to me. Thats why I am here on Manjaro forum.

Can anyone help check the info on Boot failure output - Pastebin.com (which is in English) and give some pointers on fixing the problem? This is the full boot screen output of my system when I was sent to the emergency mode.

Much appreciated.

There something wrong with tlp and your scheduler

Theres also something wrong with your users/home/pam/systemd

Fstab or other mount/dependency problems

And theres some sort of problem occuring with plymouth, though it could just be a symptom of the other problems … but plymouth is nothing but a wasteful potention source of issues to me.
At best its junk slowing down boot with crap dependencies,
At worst it breaks systems for no discernible reason.

Theres also snaps trying to automount/autorun that are failing.

(this crappy ‘hello world’ snap and its fail logs are repated a number of times)

A bunch of scheduler and missing device/path errors

More missing paths/mounts

Apparmor failing too

More problems with things not existing.

And more of things missing and not mounting

And more and more

Start by going over your /etc/fstab I guess.