I'm on a slow network connection. 200KB/s (at max). Is rolling releases worth for me?

I’m using Jio, so I get 1GB per day. But, it’s slow (200KB/s maximum). Is it worth for me to go on rolling releases model? Also, I can’t understand how much I need to download for rolling model. If I didn’t update for some weeks, how much so I need to download (in size)? What about some months?
This is bothering me from installing Manjaro, as in confused

OFF-TOPIC, in the other model - like Debian, can I update to a new version of Debian without losing the data?

You will need to download 3-500MB every two weeks - maybe more.

Limited and/or metered bandwidth is not suitable for a rolling release.


I would not recommend a rolling release distro and would focus to a stable distro with only few and security related updates. i use mageia as bullet-proof system on my second backup-computer and the new mageia8 is very actual because it was released only a few days ago. it’s worth to take a try at mageia8 for your needs.

guess people already told what i had to say, that you need just little data in a week or two, as even though manjaro is rolling release we don’t get updates daily its more like a 1-2week bussiness

anyways, just remember you don’t need tons of data, if you have less data to spare, just make sure you don’t do all updates at once as most update are related to apps, don’t update everything at once, just update everything according to how much data you have to spare

and if you have to do some big update just do what you might have done with downloading a movie, plug at night before midnight, in midnight plan will renew and by morning most things will be downloaded

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Like, how much will be that “big” update? 1GB?

Also, 300MB per week updates is manageable

If that is your viewpoint then you don’t have to worry

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The last one was ~2.6GB.

Not that big, but it can get bigger.

Please don’t confuse the install size with the download size.

Download size is - depending on a lot of factors - a fraction of the installed size.


It really also depends on what is installed. for example if you use xfce instead of kde you will far less often get updates for your de :slight_smile: same applies to other software. if you choose the sort of software that ist pretty heavy in Development you will get more new file from them.

my updates are sometime like 2gb a month, sometimes more like 1gb. it depends also on how much packages you have installed of course :slight_smile:

if you try to stay minimalistic as possible for your need you may also safe some mb of updates.



That is true. But as you say, it’s dependent on a lot of factors.

Also to remember, the more you use a PC the more…stuff tends to get installed. So updates tend to get bigger over time. A lot of stuff gets removed as well, shrinking the update size again. But in general, it gets bigger over time. Or anyway, that’s my opinion. Maybe it’s not 100% correct, but I suspect it’s something that has to be worked against for limited-traffic connections.

In your case, @muslim, I’d rather recommend something like (K)Ubuntu LTS versions that doesn’t have a rolling release’s amount of updates. For that reason alone.


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