I'm missing the bottom bar in pcmanfm

I’m on Manjaro Gnome and when I open pcmanfm with my user account the text in the bottom that usually says “x items, (y hidden)” and other information and which is referenced here is missing. This doesn’t happen for other user accounts and I can’t find a setting to turn this on/off inside pcmanfm or other forum posts about the probem. What could be causing this issue?

First of all, which PCManFM package do you have installed?

pacman -Qs pcmanfm

Since you’re using GNOME, you would want pcmanfm-gtk3.

There is a shortcut in the gtk version for show/hide the status bar CtrlB.

Your link refers to the Qt version of pcmanfm which do not have a configuration to show/hide the statusbar.

Hey, it really turns out I wasn’t using the gtk version but the lxde version pf pcmanfm since its package is called “pcmanfm” instead of “pcmanfm-lxde”.
Thank you for the quick reply and the tip about the shortcut. All settings were preserved in the switch and the botton/status bar works great after using the shortcut.

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