I'm looking for a Wifi stick that works well on Linux

Wifi on my Laptop stopped working recently. Looks like a hardware failure. So in a hurry I bought a TP Link AC600 (chip is Realtek RTL8811AU) and installed the driver from the AUR. It works, but the connection/data rate seems to be rather unstable, although the distance between the laptop and the router is just about 3 meters.

I upload a lot of large videos almost every day and therefore need a good connection. So, can anybody recommend a Wifi stick that is rather small (no huge antennas) and works well on Linux, especially on 5Ghz?

Hardware recommendations is generally :frowning: upon.

If you search the internet using keywords like Kali compatible wifi stick you should get an idea of what to look closer at.

But especially for WiFi adapters I usually make an exception - because if they work - and this requires that chipset doesn’t change, which often happens for USB WiFi adapters (check firmware versions) - the fact that they work will not change.

I won’t recommend one over another - in fact I have a few myself - one of which requires a special driver (TP-LINK Archer T2U MT7610U requires special build) and another which works OOB - but is very - very hard to get - it took me three weeks to find the excact speciment (TP-LINK TL_WN722N 2.4G fw v1.x so falling outside your scope).

There is a list on Github to check out GitHub - morrownr/USB-WiFi: USB WiFi Adapter Information for Linux


Recommendations are always difficult for “Linux+Wifi” (especially usb devices), but I had a good experience with “AX200” chipset from intel. Works good out of the box and support 2.4 and 5 Ghz. But it is a card and not usb. You can replace your internal one with that one.

I use a FRITZ!WLAN AC 860 which works out of the box. The Kernel has all drivers that are needed and the connection is good a few rooms away from the router. But I don’t know if it works well with other routers than a FritzBox.

Thx so far, everybody!

@megavolt Intel sounds good, my internal one is Intel and it worked pretty well. But I’m not sure if I can really replace it. We’re talking about a Laptop here, not a Desktop. But I will research this 'cause that would be the best solution. You can never have enough free USB ports;-)