Ifconfig: command not found

ifconfig doesn’t work. I need it to find the ip address my computer is using.

Use ip instead.

ifconfig is depricated.

To get your interface details just run ip addr.

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If you must have it:
it is in core/net-tools
So just install net-tools and you have it.

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I had net-tools on one computer and not the other. That’s why I was confused.

What was the ultimate goal?

Having ifconfig
finding out the ip address your computer is using?

You got responses to both objectives.

It can be done without ifconfig - and even better, more elegantly (in my opinion)
as described in the tutorial @freggel.doe linked you to

ip -br a
lo               UNKNOWN ::1/128 
enp4s0           DOWN           
wlan0            UP    
virbr0           DOWN 

Thanks @freggel.doe - I didn’t know this and learned something!

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