If Wayland works fine, is there any reason for preferring X?

I’m running Manjaro GNOME and I periodically try a Wayland session. In the past, there was always some inconvenience (like problems with the clipboard or the touchpad) that made me quickly go back to X.

On the contrary, the session I’m in right now doesn’t have any inconvience, apparently, so I’m now asking myself if I should stay with Wayland for good. If everything works with Wayland, is there still a benefit in using X? What are the pros and cons?

I think compatibility would be the main entry on a pro/con list. A lot of software doesn’t run natively in Wayland still, and sometimes XWayland isn’t perfect yet. Also, Nvidia is more or less refusing to acknowledge Wayland which can be a dealbreaker if you need to use their hardware.


X11 games may suffer a small performance decline running in xwayland.

Some programs don´t work without X11 :frowning:

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Thanks for the answers! I guess I’ll keep using it to see if there is software that doesn’t work properly. I don’t play games and I mainly use my laptop for browsing the web, watching videos, composing documents (Libreoffice and LaTeX) and doing statistical analysis (RStudio). Of course I expect that, besides having no big issues, overall performance (and I mean battery usage in particular) isn’t worse under Wayland.

You should be careful, I personally use Wayland on KDE Plasma more than 4 month on my laptop with Intel Xe and everything works without issue.

Depends on your hardware, if you have NVIDIA GPU I strongly recommend to stay on X11. If your GPU can use latest Mesa drivers like AMD or Intel, so you can try to use Wayland.

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I have a laptop with a double (Intel/nVidia) GPU, but I use the Intel card only to save battery (and because, as I said, I don’t need to run GPU-intensive software). So for me the nVidia thing shouldn’t be an issue.

@MattG , if you are interested I personally thought this video did a good job explaining Wayland vs X. Easy to follow and informative.


i tried Wayland a couple of updates ago and was pleasantly surprised.
all worked well for the period of time i’ve tested it, apart for a major inconvenience which is dragging and arranging bookmarks in Firefox and sometime the right click context menu breaks for some time -also in FF).
also i can’t easily use my Nvidia card.
but for intel only system,i feel like it’s almost there(but i don’t use any special software).

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