If package build needs lower version of Gradle and JDK

Hello, i have problem to “pamac build muwire-git” because it seems to not work with the Manajro package “gradle” version 7. They suggest v. 5 or 6.
Also JDK v. 11

$ pamac search openJDK|grep Installed

jre-openjdk-headless [Installed] 15.0.2.u7-1 extra
jre-openjdk [Installed] 15.0.2.u7-1 extra
jre8-openjdk-headless [Installed] 8.u282-1 extra
jre8-openjdk [Installed] 8.u282-1 extra
jdk8-openjdk [Installed] 8.u282-1 extra

pamac search -a gradle

gradle6 6.8.3-1 AUR Powerful build system for the JVM
gradle5 5.6.4-2 AUR Powerful build system for the JVM

gradle [Installed] 7.0-1 community Powerful build system for the JVM

can you share any commands that will allow to pamac build that with required lower versions, i am rather a GUI user.

Else i would try the app image or the .zip file from MuWire - Easy Anonymous File Sharing