If anyone uses opencl-amd for Blender/DaVinci resolve, could you clear this doubt for me?

Last week I installed Blender just to play around with it and discovered that I can’t use my GPU for rendering if I’m using the open source driver.
I read on the wiki that I can install opencl-amd alongside the existing driver to make use of my GPU in Blender, but what I can’t understand is: will opencl-amd be the preferred driver for any opencl program/game if I install it?
And if this is the case, how can I make sure I’m using the open source one when I’m gaming for example?
I play a couple of opencl games and my GPU is not that powerfull, so I can’t afford to loose performance over the proprietary driver (which I know it happens).

If it’s a stupid question I’m sorry, I’m pretty new to manage GPU drivers having been on iGPU for most of my computer life :joy:

If you use the amdgpu driver, then you need opencl-amd to properly execute opencl code. The only experience I had so far with it was to participate in FoldingAtHome and some opencl example code to learn the basics. It worked just fine and it doesn’t affect the opensource driver. It’s just the opencl part that is installed.

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Hi @mbb, thanks for your answer!
Now that I’m reading my post again, I think I may have confused openGL with openCL…
I didn’t know the difference tbh, I’ve researched it a bit and learned something new.
So all in all it’s been an helpful experience :joy:

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