iDRAC Remote Console access or otherwise opening a .jnlp in a browser

For some necessary detail but maybe usable detail:

I have a home lab consisting of a Dell r720 server

The Dell r720 has a thing called iDRAC which allows you to administer the server remotely (via web browser) and the server has a interface that you need to stand in front of the server to access unless you use iDRAC’s Virtual Console. Which I am trying to use and the reason for this post.

Now for the question at hand:
When I click launch remote console from iDRAC, it downloads a .jnlp file. A quick Google search indicates that I need to install Java to launch this remote console (or otherwise somehow get Java in a browser). Problem is I dunno how to do this in Manjaro/Arch becuase there are so many “Java” things I dunno which one to install.

Anyone have any advice?

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iDRAC 7 or newer has also HTML5 Virtual Console so if you choose this option you don’t need Java.

If you want open .jnlp file you need icedtea-web. Java version no matter unless you use iDRAC 6 – in this case see Java IDRAC 6 Ubuntu 18.04 setup - Technicus

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Yes indeed sir. Changing to HTML5 in the plugin type within the settings of virtual console fixed the issue and opened it right up!

Thank you so much!

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