Identify this GUI system monitor tool

Seasons Greetings fellow Manjaro users!

There was a relatively recent OMG Ubuntu article detailing a GTK based system monitoring tool ambiguously called “resources”. You can read more about it in the article here. There is a link to the flatpak. I installed it on Manjaro. It’s pretty cool. I like it.

But in the same OMG Ubuntu link there is a screenshot showing a third system monitoring tool which looks even more interesting that I’d like to try but the author doesn’t specify the name of the app. Based on the screenshot copied below, can any one here identify it it?

In the screenshot to the right is gnome-system-monitor, at the bottom is resources, what is the name of app to the left?

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mission-center. It’s in the AUR. :point_down:

pamac build mission-center

… or… :point_down:

yay -S mission-center

There’s a hint right above the screenshot. :wink:

If you don’t like the ‘Windows-iness’ of Mission Center – which you may have briefly spotted it in my Ubuntu 23.10 release video – then Resources is a solid alternative.

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