Identify the apps in this screenshot

I know this is not specific to Manjaro, but it is a quick general linux question that I was hoping the friendly Manjaro community may be able to answer. My apologies if I got the sub-forum wrong. If a mod feels it necessary to move it somewhere else on the forum where it may be more appropriate, that’s perfectly OK.

Here goes - - in the screenshot below, can someone kindly identify both:

  1. The name of the CLI VOX music visualizer app in the bottom left corner of the screen?
  2. The name of the CLI music library app to the right side of the screen?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Theres a number out there … this may be cava

Likely cmus


Why don’t you ask the person that posted the screenshot? Source?

It’s from r/unixporn but the post is 30 days old so it’s stale. If I commented there today no one would see it.

As far as I know the author of the post would receive a notification as well as anyone subscribed to it. If you directly reply to a comment, the author will receive a notification.