IdeaPad 5G-14Q8X05 support

I am new here. I bought a lenovo IdeaPad 5G-14Q8X05 which has the qualcomm snapdragon 8cx gen 2 aka SC8180XP and as far as I know it is currently not supported by the linux kernel. While the snapdragon 8cx gen 3 aka SC8280 has complete support starting from linux 5.19+ and snapdragon 8cx gen 1 aka SC8180X should have it from linux 6.1+.
Once the snapdragon 8cx gen 2 has the kernel support, what about drivers? I read about this project Porting Linux to AArch64 Laptops which supports few devices.
Do you think that is possible to install manjaro on it?
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Try like this


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You can try manjaro Arm generic image over uefi boot of the device and see how far it boots.

I thought it will have display support but nothing wrong in giving it a try.

We currently dont plan to add support for this device anytime soon.

Thank you. Are you referring to generic efi? What tool do you recommend to use to create a bootable USB? My usual boot disk creator under debian can’t create it.

Balena etcher

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I tried the generic EFI and I discovered that it uses kernel 5.15 instead of 6.1. Why?

Because 5.15 is the latest LTS. When 6.1 gets marked as LTS, we will switch it over to that.

Ok, so the kernel 6.1 is only available for x86_64 (according to distrowatch). Probably the 6.1 will be the next LTS www dot phoronix dot com/news/Linux-6.1-Likely-LTS.

Probably yes. But until it’s listed on as an LTS, it has not been made official.

I can confirm that with linux kernel 6.1 (latest daily debian unstable) the snapdragon 8cx gen 2 aka SC8180XP is correctly recognised and this confirms that it is the same as SC8180X (except for the different CPU frequency).
Now the problem is still the drivers (keyboard and touchpad do not work).