I'd like to contribute with translations to Brazilian Portuguese but don't know how

I have got some friends using Manjaro but some of them know nothing of english and some translations to pt_BR on Manjaro are incomplete. Since I’d like to get more people on to Manjaro, I’d like to do the translations but I couldn’t find information on how to get on it.

In case anyone wants to contact me: daniel.chaves@outlook.com

Translations for what, specifically?


I am Brazilian, who lives in the state of Pará and some people think we are Indians who have a dialect (papa-chibé) and not Brazilian Portuguese as a language.

And even so I don’t see where there’s no translation in manjaro and I use an amazing community version which is the LXQt I’m updating (making a remaster for friends) locally and for friends too and translation is not what gives me work

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  • Some of the content in Manjaro Hello has no translation to brazilian portuguese
  • The trash icon on Gnome’s dash to dock extension has the original name, in english
  • Manjaro Settings Manager display name (Plasma menu and Gnome app grid, probably Xfce too but I didn’t check). It shows the translated name on the window titlebar only
  • Gnome Layouts Switcher
  • The “folders” in Gnome app grid
  • Some of the applications names and descriptions in Plasma menu, like App Image Launcher and HP Device Manager

Probably there are some more, these little flaws are quite scattered.

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These projects are translated here:


https://l10n.gnome.org/ and https://l10n.kde.org/

Your Transifex link for Manjaro doesn’t work, this one works Manjarolinux localization, same for XFCE Xfce localization