ICY BOX ib-dk2106-c Drivers

Hello Manjalorian.

I’ve got a little dock station (ICY BOX ib-dk2106-c) and my love manjaro can’t see it.

Do you know how to solve it if at all possible :wink:


The only thing i found is this [SOLVED] Docking station Ethernet stops working upon web browsing / Networking, Server, and Protection / Arch Linux Forums

But the issue was different tho, so the dock was working. Now the only question is: did you connect the dock via the USB-C to your PC/Laptop on the USB-C connector?
Have you seen this DisplayLink - ArchWiki and nothing helped?

I only need to use it as a HUB for USB and Ethernet. I have business laptop with Windows connected via this station to 2 monitory, Ethernet, mouse and keyboard, and to not change cabels when I switch from business to privet, I try to configure my private desktop (with manjaro) to use this to connect mose, keyboard and Ethernet by one ca le switch. Monitora are connected to my desktop separatly