Icons only task manager dual monitor problems

Hey, i have a question which i can’t find any solution for, maybe you guys can help me.

I have 2 monitors and on both of them i have a panel with the “icons only task manager” widget. Now i would like them to be replicas of each other, like its only one widget, but shown on both screens. They should show the same pinned programs all the time and update each other when i pin or unpin something new.

Also since i added the second widget on my second monitor, all programs i open or minimize are animated towards the second monitors widget, which is kinda annoying. Is there a way to have the open/close animation always happen to the task manager which is on the same monitor as the program?

I’m on kernel 5.15.25-1, if this makes any difference

Thanks in advance for the help


There is no option for Panel and Widgets to “clone” for multiple monitors. They run in different instances.
One way to go about it is to make use of latte-dock that can act like Panel and also can be “duplicated” for a different screen.

Thanks, i will take a look into that