Icons-only Task Manager 3.0 & dual monitors

I am using dual monitors fine, with the task manager on my laptop screen and the 2nd monitor a desktop extension that doesn’t have any task manager on it.

When I disconnect the 2nd monitor or boot the laptop without the 2nd connected, I have no task manager on the laptop (which is oddly there when I have the 2nd monitor connected).

I have tried so many things and hope someone can help.

I finally figured out my issue. By some odd occurance the 2nd monitor was defaulting to primary with the icons only task bar being set to display on the non-primary monitor. So when I was running dual screens the task bar was on the laptop screen as it should be, but when disconnecting the 2nd monitor the task bar would default to the non-primary monitor (that doesn’t exist) and hence it would disappear.

I had to change the primary monitor to the laptop screen, which pushed the task bar to the 2nd monitor, then right click desktop → enter edit mode → manage desktop and panels → drag the icons only task bar over to the correct screen. Crazy how long that took me to figure out!

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