Icons on KDE Plasma?

So looking at the Screenshots of KDE Plasma,where are the Icons? Did KDE like Gnome drop Icon Support for no good reason?

Are can you put Icons back on KDE?

It depends on what you configure your desktop to be like. You can set your desktop to “Folder View” and then you get the icons in your ~/Desktop folder ─ with the option to align them to the left, right, or wherever you want to put them ─ or you can set it to “Desktop”, and then you get no icons.

Right-click your desktop and choose “Configure Desktop and Wallpaper”, and then you can choose the type of view you want. However, you may need to unlock the widgets first before you can change that setting.

Note: You have to set it separately for each Activity. It is possible to have icons on your desktop in one Activity but not in another one.

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I are can not. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, and I’ve found the same is true with Gnome, Plasma is very customizable. You aren’t forced to have any. Neither are you forced to have none. You can have a desktop full of icons, or none at all. It all depends on what you like and what you want to do.


Thanks. I don’t know why some GUI Designers are so Hellbent on making DE and WM with the Flat Looks, no Icons, and Client Side Decorations for. There are good reasons why the “Classical” WIMP Interfaces with Server Side window Decorations were in use for so long.

Yes I am well aware that *nix Designers and Developers enjoy creating new UIs. However, just because something is “Modern and New” doesn’t actually mean it is an Improvement

It also doesn’t mean it’s not. And I must be honest, it has the potential to look good. It also has the potential to look absolutely terrible.

In the end there’s no “right” or “wrong” way. It’s a personal choice and what works for the person that has to use it. And that’s part of what makes Gnome/KDE/Xfce/many other DEs so awesome: customizeability! The fact that you don’t have to adapt to a machine but can make the machine do what it’s there for: work for you.

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Well that is true. Old isn’t always better either.

It’s not. Neither is newer always better. What works for you might work for me. However it also might not. Trying is the only way to find out.

Thanks. I installed KDE 5 on my Notebook. I have the Icons enabled now.

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