Icons in System Tray are not normally visible

After update, everything is well !!! But Icons in System Tray are not normally visible.
In order to see I use Gnome extension - Tray icons or AppIndicator (GNOME 3.38.4)
Someone knows how this can be repaired?

What applications are affected? What icon theme are you using?

It sounds like you’re using two extensions to accomplish the same thing. Just use KStatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator Support.

mntray, clementine, remmina

You only answered my first question.

Also, have you tried rebooting, logging out or restarting GNOME Shell since the update?

I only use AppIndicator then I tried System Tray. in both effects is the same. Probably there is some cache that has to be deleted … I have restarted a gnome. First I turned off all the extensions then turned on them … I changed the theme and everything that has an impact but nothing happens.

Again, what icon theme are you using?

What’s “System Tray”? I’m not finding an extension with that name.

Either way, try disabling KStatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator Support, Tray Icons, System Tray or whatever else you’re using then logout / login. Then enable KStatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator Support and see if it still happens.

excuse me, wrote it wrong : Tray icons - extension

I had done all this before writing in the forum. Now I did again. But the problem is the same. I searched for a solution on the net but found nothing. That’s why I wrote here.

I have solved the problem:
1 -In “Gnome Tweaks” - > Reset to Defaults
2 -In “terminal” execute :
$ dconf reset -f /org/gnome/

This is full reset of Gnome. After that then you have to set up a gnome again but all the problems decided.

Simpler method is to rename /home/[username]/.config/dconf/user to something like user.bak
WayBack in case you find another solution.
“dconf reset -f /org/gnome/” removes this file.
I for me do backups of the ~.config/dconf/user from time to time.
Btw.: changing your hostname resets the mentioned file - i already was not amused about this feature…

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