Icons in Gnome (Beauty Line)

Hi everyone. Newbie here!

I managed to update my icon pack to Beauty Line. It looks fab but it took a bit of work to make sure all the icons were seen and made the correct association.

I have run into a brick wall…with Virtualbox. The Virtualbox icon itself is fine but when I launch a virtual machine the icon is a grey square with an exclamation mark. Does anyone have any idea how I’d change that?
Any help gratefully received!

Could anyone help with this, please?

Please try this:

vboxmanage modifyvm "Ubuntu" --iconfile "/home/user/Downloads/ubuntu.png"

I don’t quite get what I would be doing here…

vboxmanage modifyvm "Ubuntu" --iconfile "/home/user/Downloads/ubuntu.png"

Please modifiy “Ubuntu” with the name of your VM. And the path points to the new icon that you would like to use for that VM.