Icons in dolphin are not monochrome


I’ve freshly installed the latest Manjaro (plasma 5.23.5). It seems that the icons for dolphin sidebar are coloured instead of monochrome. I’ve tried both breath and breeze themes. Is there some missing package or something? Shouldn’t those be monochrome?

Sorry, not able to attach image. Is it because I’m new to forum?
Edit: not able to provide the links either. https://imgur.com/a/p3REC5d

Right click on those entries and go to Edi. There you can set the icons you want for them.

Another way to get this is to right click next to where it says ‘Places’ and go to entry ‘Icon size’ and choose ‘Small (16x16)’.

@raguse Oh yes this is a better way. Medium works too btw.

Thank you! Setting to Small was the fastest method! :smiley:

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