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Hello. I downloaded the Manjaro XFCE’s latest version(Ornara if I’m not wrong) and I accidentally deleted kVantum themes and my icon themes and themes in general is gone. I restored the theme but now I want the default icon theme that ships with this version of Manjaro. Can you name the icon theme or show me where I can find it?

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The default icon theme in the Manjaro Xfce edition is Papirus-Maia, it’s a variant of the package papirus-icon-theme. It has other variants as well, depending on the light/dark Gtk theme you’re using in your system.

If you have that theme installed, you can navigate to Settings Manager → Appearance → Icons (tab) and select it system-wide.

For Qt-based applications, you can use the Qt5 Configuration Tool (search it in your menu), in order to change the icon theme for these applications as well (under the tab Icon Theme).

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Thanks a lot but i realized that the file was 96MB so i decided against installing it. Makiing my computer laggy.
But can you help me in one more thing?---- I installed the Arena Chess .tar.xz file and ran the executable after extracting it and also the Stockfish Engine. I messed up and don’t want it cluttering my system. How do I uninstall it? People say that I should just use the command sudo pacman -R (enter package name). But i don’t know the package name. So is there a way you can help me?
Thanks a lot for your help again!

Arena Chess is in the AUR, so you should have installed it from there using Pamac (or any AUR helper).

If you had installed it from the AUR, you could remove it simply by running:

sudo pacman -R arena-chess-gui

From your description, I realize that you downloaded the .tar.gz file from here and ran some executable (?) it contained.
In this case I’m not sure if simply deleting the extracted directory can remove it completely from your system, or if the executable placed any files in your system which will remain there.

Generally, it is not advised to run random executable files downloaded from the internet, unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

Some pages from the Manjaro Wiki (about handling packages) you might find useful:

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Thanks a lot for your time in this! Thanks a lot!

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