Icon issue on Dash when opening Tweaks on Manjaro Linux (GNOME)

A simple enough problem. When I open Tweaks, the icon that pops out is the icon for Layouts. The app itself is correct, just the icon is wrong. When I hover my mouse, it even says ‘Layouts.’
Trying to add Tweaks to my favorites gives me the actual icon, but again, clicking it launches another instance, with the Layouts icon and name.
I also can’t click on the actual Layouts icon on the app list, because it thinks it’s already opened.
If I actually want to go to Layouts, it open another different icon, and now it says ‘gnome-layout-switcher.’

I’m already having a hard time differentiating Tweaks and Extensions. This mismatching just adds to the confusion. Also, this problem exists independent of icon pack. Any help would be much appreciated. (Also, it would help a great deal if any solution using the terminal comes with an explanation on what it does. I’m new and sadly the terminal isn’t my favorite thing :sweat_smile:)

Can you send a screenshot to describe your problem, Bro? It can be a small help for resolve your problem