I3status needs restart [its flawless after a restart with delay of say 3/5 minutes]

Hello ! my first question on the new forum :slight_smile:

last month i went for clean / fresh install of Manjaro Architect. went ahead with gnome and then wayland (sway and wayfire) and i3 !

i3 was doing just fine with my custom config i3status [i still didnt have i3status display active (focused) window title show. on searching i came across [**i3status-title-on-bar**](https://github.com/rholder/i3status-title-on-bar)
i follow instructions but i noticed i3status returning ERROR with unexpected exit2 code. after a few minutes, i restart i3 and i get the status with the active title displayed !
wish to know where the issue is. i get the status display with just hitting $mod+Shift+r without any eidition to config!

further, i wish to know if this feature [title-on-bar] to i3status by default on manjaro-i3.

EDIT: i face similar situation in i3status in 3 different computers. must be the i3status-title-on-bar that needs a delay in starting? but i must say the xtitle -s doesnt showup current active window title and hence got to this. not an issue as long as i3status functions but i just need to restart after a few minutes.

hope someday this i3status-title-on-bar gets integrated in manjaro-i3-spins :slight_smile: