I3/sway updates for rpi

i3 & sway images for rpi4/rpi400 need to be updated, there is no working wifi at first boot.
for someone who can’t plug into Ethernet, this is a show stopper,making it totally useless.
if you can plug in and update, then after reboot the wifi does work.

You can create an install of Manjaro ARM Sway/i3 with the Manjaro ARM Installer.

i see it’s a command line creator

for now what i did was install i3 on top of xfce4.
i then logged into i3 & am now setting it up with xfce4-panel.

trying it now.
it’s kinda like rpi-imager, but from terminal.

which version are you referring to? the latest variants of the sway image is not available via the manjaro-arm-flasher, but has to be downloaded from GitHub directly before you can flash it with aforementioned program…GitHub - manjaro-arm-community/sway-images

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trying it again.
i went for the gnome since it was there, like it says experimental, aka it’s totally broken, the /boot was totally empty.

this time i’m grabbing sway, it’s down loading now.

that worked like a champ for sway. thanks

but for new users who don’t have manjaro installed yet & grab a copy from manjaro downloads, there still going to run into the problem of a outdated image, those still should be updated to a working image.

@appelgriebsch linked to the updated images.
They are no longer part of our official line-up, but community editions.

then the downloads should point there on manjaro downloads.
it’s the place people are going first, thinking there getting the official version.

The downloads point to the latest ones released by us.

Would you rather we remove them?

no, i’d rather they point to working/current version, so i guess they should point at the github link.

it’s crazy if your just going to leave a partially functional version for new people to download, gives the wrong impression to those who only have wifi & can’t plug in to update.

i’m just thinking about people trying to get into manjaro, who have come for the prebuilt images.

i ended up going back to my xfce/i3(i3 login with xfce4-panel)

setup, cause it’s just so much faster the sway.

If we where to include all the community editions on the website, it would be a massive undertaking updating it all the time.
It would have to be automated at that point.

What’s in the ARM section on the website is the “official” images, created by the ARM team. And I would like to keep it that way, so it’s easy to see what is done by us and what is done by the community.

no, you don’t have to include all, just the 1’s your offering. in this case 2.

but i get it, the point is you don’t want to support unofficial versions.

still saying the least you can do is have a fully working versions.

But we no longer offer i3/sway. Those are now community offerings.

So you are saying we should remove them from the website, since you say the last ones we made, no longer works. Good.
Glad we came to an understanding. :wink:

The best would be, if we could somehow get a “community” section on the website, where the maintainers of the community editions themselves, could update them.
Is this possible @codesardine ?


yes, they should be removed from downloads.
there’s no point in offering non-working images. it just wastes peoples time.

Can be done via pull request.

But I’m not certain how to do it. :wink:

Maybe it’s something for the new website.

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