I3 Status bar is out of date

I was going to submit a pull request but my gitlab account still has not been approved (probably because of all the spam manjaro has been getting).

Can someone who does have access please update the i3status i3status-manjaro which is a version behind? Latest is 2.14: Release 2.14 · i3/i3status · GitHub

Is there a system to notify out of date packages like there is on AUR?


@philm can do that. If you let us know what the subject of the email was and what username you were requesting, that would make it easier to find.

Indeed. There are hundereds of them… :scream_kevin:

Not as such, however creating an issue on GitLab is the closest. In leiu of that, posting on the forum as you did is fine.

Just install i3status, I’m going to drop the i3status-manjaro package. The patch is obsolete.

@oberon :point_up:

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