I3 gaps : no outer gaps for a specific application?

Hello everyone,

I have been using Manjaro i3 for a few weeks now and I absolutely adore it. I am still quite new to it though and I sometimes find it hard to find my way in the config file.
I am trying to do something with i3-gaps but I am not sure this is doable. I didn’t find the answer to my question on Google or here.

My config currently has smart gaps on, which means that I have outer gaps when I have more than one window on the screen. I would like to also have outer gaps when I have only one window, but not when I use specific applications, such as my web browser or a word processor. In other words, when I have only a web browser open on a workspace, I would like NOT to have outer gaps (just as it is now with smart-gaps on) but I would like to have outer gaps for other applications (for example, I would like outer gaps around Thunar, even when there is only Thunar on screen).

I can think of two ways of achieving this :
1 - Keep smart-gaps on and add exceptions to it (with a rule that would say something like “always draw outer gaps when there is only one window, except when that window is Firefox or LibreOffice”).
2 - Switch smart-gaps off and add exceptions for every app on my system except Firefox and LibreOffice (I would prefer option 1 of course :joy:)

Does anyone here have any idea if this is possible ? Any ideas on how to do so ? Reading the gap section of the i3 help page did not bring any answers.

Thanks for reading me.

nobody ?

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I never said my problem was vital. Still… it is frustrating not to understand fully how it works.

This forum might not be the best place to ask this question, i3 is a wonderful window manager but not used extensively, or at least there are not much threads about it on this forum, so a relative low number of users, hence the lack of response.

I’ve not done this and don’t run i3 anymore but a the section 4.13 to 4.15 in the users guide seems relevant to this question: i3: i3 User’s Guide

There is a i3 irc channel to ask questions and a mailinglist with archives to search through.

Thank you for your answer. I already read the User’s Guide and still could not manage to make i3 do what I want.
I guess you are right when you say that this is not the best place to ask about i3. Thanks anyway to all those who took the time to read this thread.
Thanks for the tip on the mailing list archives, I didn’t know they existed and I will have a look.

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