I3 dark Adwaita gtk theme makes menus unreadable?

Using latest, updated i3WM edition of Manjaro. All is great. I love it. My only concern is that I have recently downloaded the “SMath” package. It works great, however, the dark theme is easy on the eyes but makes the menu items unreadable when the mouse is hovered over a menu item.

I think this might be a gtk Adwaita theme issue, but I am unsure. Is there any way to change the them for a single application, because I don’t want to mess with it on a system-wide basis.

Any help appreciated.

SMath seems to be a Mono application, judging from its AUR page.

I tried changing the theme specifically for this application by setting GTK environment variables - GTK_THEME for GTK3 and GTK2_RC_FILES for GTK2 (see this Arch Wiki page) - but it didn’t work.

Then I found this bug report:

Thanks for that - yes, just 10 mins after I posted I tried forcing a new GTK theme on SMath, with no result as per the bug report. I guess I will just await a fix of some sort. It’s workable and usable, just not very friendly to the eyes. The other option is to force a system-wide lighter theme, apparently…

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