I3 bmenu not working?

I just tried i3 and the help text says something about bmenu, but it don’t quite work. At least, nothing is happening when I try to start it with +Ctrl+b. Something wrong in the help system?

isn’t it rather dmenu or bemenu?

Both are mentioned in the help text

What does it say when you try to launch it from command line and post the binding in your i3 config.

bmenu doesn’t seem to exist. I have the default i3 config, straight out of the i3 image.

The default keybinding for bmenu is mod+ctrl+b. What happens when you try to start bmenu via the terminal?

bmenu doesn’t exist (command not found)

You have to install it first then.

My point is that if it’s not installed by default (I don’t think bmenu is available anymore) it shouldn’t be mentioned in the help text :slight_smile:

chomsky@manjaro ~ $ pacman -Ss bmenu
core/ncurses 6.2-1 [installed]
    System V Release 4.0 curses emulation library
community/bmenu 0.14-1
    Bash scripts providing a collection of terminal applications in a simple UI
community/font-manager 0.7.8-3
    A simple font management application for GTK+ Desktop Environments - also adds a submenu to Nemo
community/obmenu-generator 0.88-2.1
    A fast pipe/static menu generator for the Openbox Window Manager (with icons support).

It’s in the repos.

Doesn’t seem to be available on arm. At least not on my mirror.

Didn’t see you are on ARM…my bad

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Does rofi exists?

You could try to install that.

comment the dmenu line in the config and add

bindsym $mod+ctrl+b exec rofi  -show drun

Or al little neater (if you don’t want to edit the rofi config)

bindsym $mod+ctrl+b exec rofi -padding 18 -location 0 -lines 12 -show drun -columns 3 -font "Noto Sans 8"

I’m not looking for a other solution (dmenu seems to do the trick) - I’m trying to figure out if this is a bug, and if it’s a bug report it :slight_smile: (But thanks anyway!)

Sure it does, but if it is not in the repo you could ask if it can be added and/or use something else in the meantime.

Nothing more than a suggestion.

dmenu_recency and morc_menu

should be in the repo