I3: adjust lockscreen blur

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I’m interested in changing the strength of the blur effect on my lockscreen. I’ve looked through my i3 and i3status configs and found nothing that seemed relevant. I’ve looked at the i3 userguide, I have i3lock installed by default but can’t locate a config file, and i3lock-fancy seems to achieve the existing result, but I don’t have it installed.

So what utility does the i3 community edition use to capture the screenshot and apply blur, and how do I adjust the amount of blur?


Did you read the i3lock man page? It mentions that you can use imagemagick to convert an image in various ways then pipe it to i3lock. I assume it’d be easy enough to put that in your i3config.

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Have a look at i3exit.

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Thank you @drhoopoe and @merlock for your suggestions! i3exit uses the blurlock script found in usr/bin/blurlock. Changing convert /tmp/screenshot.png -blur 0x5 /tmp/screenshotblur.png to convert /tmp/screenshot.png -blur 0x12 /tmp/screenshotblur.png gave me the additional blur I was after. This imagemagick page describes how changing the sigma term in [radius]x[sigma] alters the blur.

Thanks so much for your help!

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