This is a bug report, but I wasn’t able to find a place to report it:

  • It’s not an upstream (Arch) bug.
  • It’s not an upstream-upstream (KDE) bug.
  • The package is in manjaro/stable/community repo. It doesn’t exist in archlinux/community.
    However, systemd-kcm is not in Manjaro’s GitLab!

Of course, “Anyone can report bugs under the development section.” But: “This section is for developers only, join in and get involved.”

The bug only shows if Manjaro’s package is used (BTW, it’s preinstalled even on the LiveCD).
If the package from [chaotic-aur] is used instead, everything is perfect.
If a package is built from AUR, everything is perfect.

So what’s wrong with Manjaro’s build? True, it’s outdated by the time of build (2020-02-25), but not by version (systemd-kcm-1.2.1-5).


  • Open KDE System Settings (systemsettings), scroll down to the last item under System Administration, and select Systemd.
  • The bottom description would show something like this:
    The error is obvious. The bug only applies to Manjaro’s systemd-kcm package.


Context info:

  • AUR, [chaotic-aur] and Manjaro are listing as upstream https://github.com/rthomsen/kcmsystemd (last edit 2015-04-09), but in fact KDE’s copy is used https://invent.kde.org/unmaintained/systemd-kcm (last edit 2019-09-03), by downloading a tarball that doesn’t include KDE’s last edits: http://download.kde.org/stable/systemd-kcm/systemd-kcm-1.2.1.tar.xz (from 2015-08-08).
  • The package name in other distros: systemd-kcm in OpenMandriva, kcmsystemd in Mageia, kcm_systemd in Fedora, kde-config-systemd in Debian and Ubuntu.
  • The only package that exhibited this behavior to me was the one from manjaro/stable/community.
  • To make sure this is not because of my i18n settings (US English for the system language, but German for numbers and dates), I booted manjaro-kde-22.0.1-230124-linux61.iso with the defaults (US English everywhere), and the bug was still there.

I can confirm this bug.

Yes, you did. :wink:

It is now. :wink:

Apparently it needed a rebuild on newer KF5 packages. systemd-kcm 1.2.1-6 will be along shortly.

FYI, the upstream URL is indeed https://github.com/rthomsen/kcmsystemd/ as
rthomsen was the developer. The source tarball used to be in https://download.kde.org/stable/systemd-kcm/, but was moved to the Attic: https://download.kde.org/Attic/systemd-kcm/. The former URL redirects to the latter.


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