I would love to see a LUKS Crypt theme in Manjaro

Compared to Debian and other flavors the crypt screen in Manjaro is pretty primitive and that is a bit of a shame. Since I run a 4k laptop I pretty much have to take it on faith that I am typing a password. :rofl: To be clear, by crypt screen I mean where you enter your password to decrypt your disk. It would be nice to have some theme there to make it look nicer.


You’d have to adjust the boot loader configuration for that, I suppose.

Or edit /etc/mkinitcpio.conf

Or both.

It will be “some theme” - but still show no feedback whatsoever while typing a password.
Some stars (*) maybe - don’t know. It has been a long time since I used it.

I know I do not get any feedback - and that’s ok. Even intended.

You see it for a second - not worth the investment of time

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It’s dependent on your encryption.

If you have encrypted boot partition, this is impossible. As far as I know, Manjaro installer use this type of encryption by default.

Otherwise, depending on your filesystem, you can add plymouth-encrypt or plymouth-zfs hook to mknitcpio.


There are two different prompts to unlock a LUKS container upon bootup.

  1. The non-accelerated, rudimentary GRUB method. This is the basic prompt you see (usually without any input feedback) when you first boot your computer (or select a boot entry from your system’s EFI bootloaders). It appears before you are presented with a themed menu. Nothing can be done about this, as far as I’m aware for now. It’s a simple “good enough” feature of GRUB2 to provide a basic method to unlock a partition that contains your actual kernel and boot files.

  2. The accelerated kernel method. This is the method that uses AES acceleration, and can be themed. It appears after selecting an entry from the themed menu. You usually will not see this prompt in a typical Manjaro installation, since the partition that contains your root filesystem is automatically decrypted with a keyfile found in the initramfs. You will, however, see an additional passphrase prompt if there are more partitions to unlock, such as a separate home, listed in your /etc/crypttab.