I would like to make firefox the default browser

I can change my ~/.i3/config file so that mod$+F2 opens firefox, instead of palemoon.

But how do I make firefox the default browser. e.g. I started up dropbox for the first time and it tried to open dropbox.com in palemoon.


Have you tried to set it as the default in the FF settings?

I just set it in the Firefox settings.

When I open the website via dropbox, it still opens palemoon, but then palemoon asks if I want to set it as default.

Most linux os’s I’ve used have a place to set the default web-browser, default email-client, etc. I just don’t know which config file or application sets that for i3.

Thanks for your response

Ok, I found a workaround for the browser specifically.

in ~/.profile, I just needed to change the line export BROWSER=/usr/bin/palemoon to /usr/bin/firefox.

I tried initially to use xdg-settings to set it, but it complained that it was already set in $BROWSER.

It may be xdg-settings set … would work for other default apps

The information you provided in the link is awesome. I’ve saved it for future reference.

Thank you linux-aarhus!

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