I was following a tutorial and broke everything haha

I installed Manjaro on an old computer so I could enter zoom classes when I was out this week.
thing is computer is bad.
so I googled and without much knowledge I followed this tutorial medium . com /@uyoobonga/how-to-improve-performance-on-2g-ram-manjaro-linux-5efdd898d477

it turns out I may have messed up quite a lot because I broke it it seems.

when I boot this message appears:

[FAILED] Failed to start Apply Kernel Variables
[FAILED] failed to mount /swapfile
[DEPEND] Dependency failed for Local File Systems.

on top of that I don’t get permission to use the terminal! root user is blocked it seems.

I can boot and restart and that black screen with that error appears, or I can get into GRUB but I don’t understand what to do from there, since this is my first Linux experience.

People have told me to reinstall or ask here, and since I cant reinstall for a few days since I’m not at home at the moment I figured I’d ask here.

thanks in advance !

No need to thank - in this case I will echo the reinstall mantra - as it is impossible how you ‘borked’ the system - reinstall is the most reasonable answer.

Just remember - you can backup data - if you have any - using the live media - copy to any external location - whither USB or network.


oh, I see
well that’s too bad but I’ll improvise something to attend to class tomorrow and then I’ll reinstall it.
thank you!

is it making that partition worth it tho? I want the computer to work as good as it can

This is one of the best thread title I’ve read !
Difficult to answer RTFM to such an OP :wink:

Reinstall is a matter of one hour max : you’re not sinking in the middle of the ocean !

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